Monday, June 02, 2008

Sex and the City Fan in it for the Froth

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Sex and the City makes its long awaited debut this weekend and the media attention this movie has gotten makes it seem like the second coming. The critics, many of the manly persuasion, have given it the old, "meh, it's OK but it's not deep" review. As an avid fan, I refuse to listen to all the buzz and the boo's.

From the very beginning when the show was on only in the wee HBO hours I was hooked. I was single, young and out there. I found myself as a cross between cynical and realistic Miranda and the ballsy Samantha. Each Sunday night show was not just clothing crack but like a drink for my starving demographic of viewers. No one got us so right and we tuned in and turned loyal fast. While the show slowly delved into the glitz and glamor of the city and fashion world (The first season's clothes? They were more your average woman's wear.) it immediately tackled the questions that we gals faced on a daily basis. How do we juggle burgeoning careers, friendships and relationships? What is it we really want from all three and can we have it all? If we can, what defines having it all? Is it different for each of us? By the time the show wrapped in 2004, the answer was clearly yes, as each character seemed satisfied with their life's choices.

Enter the Sex and the City movie, which I will only be watching for the first time tonight. Amidst all the critics critiquing I am left with the feeling that none of it has been by a true fan. This film, much like the show was to NYC, is a tribute to us. It did not need to be done, but it has been and it is a reward to the fans who loved the show, its characters and what it gave us- fashion-forward froth, vulnerability, eye candy and a look into the hearts of four characters who represented a whole myriad of us real women. To break it down as anything else is not to understand the show and all it meant and still means to so many of its fans.

Will we be disappointed? Maybe. Will it really be all that we wanted and more? Perhaps. I prefer to look at the film as a chance to catch up with old friends, window shop for the unattainable, feel a bit carefree for two hours and not break it down into how deep the film gets into issues and such. This purist fan prefers to take part in the tulle-like froth that was the shows essence and just enjoy the ride.

Updated: After seeing the film, I could not be more pleased. It was everything I hoped for and more. The film has always shown the truly passionate and deep side of women's friendships and it reaffirmed my faith in that this weekend. It brought back a lot of old memories of how we women can really take care of each other and true friends are always there. It's a must-see even if only for the spectacular clothes, accessories and shoes too!


  1. I have been so torn over this movie. I was a die-hard SATC fan back in the day...but now, I try really hard not to watch shows/movies full of swearing and sex, you know? So I feel the pull to reconnect with the characters...kind of a catching up. But I just don't know if I can support this movie anymore. Ah well. I tagged you for a meme anyway.

  2. I LOVED the movie and the show. The "manly persuasion" saying it's not deep... I find that funny and ironic, because look at some of the crap that comes out that the manly types like. Blow-em-up, kill-em-all type films that get high ratings and make me want to vomit. I go to fewer movies a year than most, and I LOVED SATC!


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