Monday, June 09, 2008

Part of the Bush Abstinence Program?

There I was listening to my Saturday Snark, a.k.a. "Wait, wait, don't tell me..." on NPR when I hear them discussing Kmart's latest foray into fashion- Chastity Pants.

Immediately I had to go and look these puppies up. Was this some sort of joke? Nope. They are not and here is the proof- and bonus! They are already marked down!

While the whole needing a key to pry off some sort of metal belt is not an option (this is the millennium after all) I couldn't help but wonder what the sam hell the slogan was doing being splashed across the butt. I mean seriously! Is that really the way to proclaim your stance these days? It doesn't count unless it splayed across your tookas?

Is it any better than a shirt like this?

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  1. Ironic if you ask me. I mean, splash that across ones tush, but then be upset when a man (boy?) wants to touch it? You're drawing their attention to the tush... contradictory if you ask me!


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