Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh Look! A Mommy Blog!

Because someone actually requested I post these....

TA DA it's T.D. in all her uber-serious first hair cut glory.


Yes, that is a Red Sox cheerleader uniform. Suck it, I won the Spirit stick as a kid at Cheer Camp.


It is as if she is watching EVERY hair being cut. I think she made the stylist nervous with that steely gaze. Either that or she is barely breathing for fear that what the dog Lex told her about hair salons is actually true. "Kid, you go there, your hairs don't come back. They cut you kid, they cut you..."


Aww, Porkchop got her hair 'did.

Now I'm going to clean up the cuteness induced barf off the laptop. This is truly a Mommyblog.


  1. I would take that gaze over the screaming fit my 2 year old throws everytime he gets a cut. He thrashed around in the chair so bad last time that they buzzed all his hair right off. So sad, he doesn't look like the baby anymore. Thanks for posting the super cute pics!


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