Thursday, May 01, 2008

Oh Just a Tad Nervous

I'm a wee bit nervous today. OK, maybe more like A LOT nervous. Today is the day we get to hear this bean's heartbeat for the first time and this day always fills me with some fear.

I get all excited when we first make the appointment but as the day draws closer I find myself almost not wanting to go in fear that all we will hear is silence. That the anxious feeling I possess will overtake the room and be palpable as it spreads to everyone else in the room. I tell myself that all the miserable sick of the past few weeks is a sign that things are going just swimmingly and I have no reason to worry but the fear persists.

So today we know. I'm glad I'm not going alone. H will be there to hold my hand and that makes it better even when I just think about it.

Want something a bit more cheerful? Read this.


  1. Thinking about you guys and the bean....

  2. Good luck. I felt the same way.

  3. **hugs** This is always a tough appointment. I've gone in to the OB's office just for a heartbeat check because I'd worked myself into a tizzy in those early months. It's like you wait and wait for movement, so you KNOW things are okay...then you get so tired of being kicked...then you start obsessing over whether you feel ENOUGH movement. just never ends. Even after they're born, you do the breathing tests.


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