Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Is this a good Mother's Day gift?

Well doesn't this just beat all?
It's a Vag Bag.
It's a conversation starter if anything. Can't you just picture yourself standing in line at St*arbucks or at the grocery store next to some dude or sweet old lady as you tote the Vag Bag?
I seriously want to buy this for someone.

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  1. LesFex4:51 AM

    Great idea!!! Even I also thought of giving my mom a special moment: my best friend informed me about an interesting mother's day gift idea. There's something called FameSlot, which puts participant's mother's picture and the message on the giant Reuter's screens at New York's Times Square for 5 seconds for $44, that is, it costs $69 and furthermore you can get a discount of $25 by using the coupon code
    'ojiriwotu' at


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