Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Random Question #152

I didn't watch Rock of Love I or II (yes, I do know that Amber won out this round) and I'm no American Idol fan so I think it is all perfectly well and good that I may have a tad bit of an unhealthy love for this seasons series of the Bachelor.

OK, who am I kidding...

This season? Let's go with every season, except for the Pro-Bass fisher Byron one he just looked like a Ken doll left out in the sun too long.

And truthfully? I don't watch for the hottie bachelor. Because, ick. I find them quite unappealing, except for this season.

Here's the thing. I am addicted to this show. There is nothing I like more than waking up on Tuesday morning and queuing up the DVR to this inexplicably still on television show. Who did the Bachelor kick off? What disastrous moments occurred? Was there baby talk that will make me toss my Grape Nuts? Can I stomach another session in a hot tub?

It was with great glee that I watched all the only in fantasy world/paid for network television dates. Great glee and yes, a tad bit of shame. It is shameful that I like this show for so many reasons and yet I cannot break my gaze away from the overly tan, champagne swilling (and sometimes beer can biting) women who proclaim they are in 'true love' after one three minute conversation and then later calling him a douche bag. It boggles my mind when I hear them mention the l-word or marriage.

So what is it? What show is your secret shame?

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  1. You mentioned my secret shame show in your first paragraph. Although I do believe I had to find out whether it was amber or daisy from you...:)
    Also, The Hills.

  2. mine used to be 7th Heaven until they finally ended it... now I guess I'd have to say I do geek out over Battlestar Gallactica.

  3. You know about my secret (shameful) love of the Hills...but maybe you didn't know about my total love for America's Next Top Model. (ANTM, for those of us in the know.)

    I download episodes from the Internet to watch when The Hubz isn't home. And I recently watched (via the Internet) the only season I missed in "real time."


  4. H & I used to watch 7th Heaven when we were in college. Our friends always made fun of us.

  5. I've also had wierd obsessions over The Bachelor, and especially The Bachelorette. But I seem to keep missing them lately. I didn't even know there was a new one on until I read this. Maybe that's good that I'm so uninformed.

  6. I watch Gilmore Girls reruns on ABC Family almost every day.

  7. I have a lot of not so secret shame shows: Rock of Love (I & II); Flavor of Love (all three seasons--sad to admit); Paradise Hotel (I & II); Hell's Kitchen; Top Chef; Survivor; Greek; Ugly Betty; Real World..I really should not go on because people will think I have an addiction or something..You may ask how I find time to watch all of this--Comcast DVR! Without it, my TV watching would be nothing!! Thank you to the geniuses that created it!!!

  8. Um... mine is... The Bachelor. This season has been really good. He keeps booting the right people, IMO. I hope he goes with Chelsea. Who do you want him to pick?



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