Wednesday, May 14, 2008

In Which I Beg for Work

OK, maybe beg is to harsh a word. However, I have a sudden burst of energy and need to work again so I'm out there. Looking. A lot.

Sometimes I get all in a zone and happy about it. Other times I am amazed at the crap that is put out there for writers.

Loking for talented freelance writers (to write what? ads? because this is
surely not your strong suit)
to assit in my marketing plan/website/write my book
for/term paper for me. Will pay you nothing or next to nothing. Pleeze
spek good Eunglish.

yeah. It's like that. You want to write 10,000 words for $30? Seriously, folks it can be brutal.

For now though, don't think of me looking for work, think about fun finds and the awesome books I've reviewed recently.

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