Friday, May 23, 2008

A Bit of Clarification

You have to love Moms. Especially when they send you emails like this-

Hi Vicky,

I just read a few of your most recent daily blog items and noticed that you mention MPR. If you're referring to the radio network/station and it's broadcasts, it is NPR which stands for National Public Radio. Just thought I'd point that out. If that's not what you're referring to, then I stand corrected.


I love my Mom. I then emailed her back with, "Really? I always thought it was Mational Public Radio. Kidding." Later in the day we chatted and I filled her in. Hopefully now there is no question - MPR is Mummy's Product Reviews. Speaking of which- check it out- I'm giving away four items today. Four lucky readers will win something totally practical and fun!

In other news, the birthday festivities have officially begun. Last night the girls and I headed to Buzz for a night of cupcakes, wine or hot chocolate. The night was a lot of fun and my friends were so thoughtful with their gifts, which was not necessary but so sweet. I came away from the night feeling happy, excited about the weekend and refreshed despite practically closing the place down.

When I got home the house was decorated in streamers, balloons and banners courtesy of H and T.D. Could I ask for more? No. It was perfect and my birthday is not even until Monday. I feel so grateful.

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