Thursday, February 14, 2008

Verizon Customer Service is No Friend of Mine

Scene: My home, afternoon, precious naptime/work minutes ticking away. I am on deadline. My internet connection goes down and after fiddling with it all day I decide to call Verizon.

After spending a few minutes on hold I am finally put through to a person who doesn't sound like she is from halfway around the world. Is this even possible? That has never happened before! Yet, her voice does sound suspicously not human. I've verified my name, number, address, H's name, my third cat's birthday and how old I was when I learned to ride a bike and I think, "Are we done yet?"

Customer Service Rep: Please state your telephone number again ma'am.

V: 875-3425.

CSR: Is that 759-3324?

V: No, (tight smile forms on my face) 875-3425.

CSR: 875-3427? Is that correct?

V: N00... 8 7 5 3 4 2 5

CSR: Let me make sure I have this correct. 875-3425.


CSR: OK ma'am, do you have an alternate number in case this line goes down?

V: (this line might go down? It is only raining outside. What does she know?) Yes.

After a repetition only slightly more painful and involved she gets the second phone number correct. I have already silently mouthed to the phone if she is on crack and pulled the phone away from me to glare at her from a far.

CSR: OK ma'am, what seems to be the problem? Your phone line?

V: It's my internet connection. That is why I called the DSL hotline. It says it is working but when I repair it the computer says it is my provider not the computer. All systems are go on the router and modem.

CSR: What color is the modem?

V: Seriously? It's beige.

CSR: Beige? (this color seems to have confounded her) Beige..., she mutters.

V: Or tan? Ecru? Maybe a light grey? There is a slightly toasty look to the top now from having the router on top of it. (oops)

CSR: Are you the wife of H ma'am?

V: (What the.. weren't we just talking about my modem?) Yessss.....

CSR: What lights are blinking on the router ma'am?

V: All of them. The ethernet, the ready light and the power light.

CSR: The power light, the ready light, the internet light and the USB?

V: USB? No. (Never mentioned this light and I repeat them for her twice)

At this point she starts asking about lights that I've never heard or seen on the router. We go through the same rigamarole that we did with the phone number. I'm on her to game. She just wants me off the phone. She wants me so frustrated that I hang up and never call Verizon support again. She has even begun to snicker at me when I repeat things back to her for the third time.

CSR: You are using a phone right ma'am?

V: WTF? Yes. I am using a phone. That's how people call each other these days. Those new fangled telly-phone dee-vices.... Ugh.

I am now crawling on my knees as she has instructed pulling on cords and wires. I am out of breath and very annoyed. She keeps getting the terms router and modem confused causing all sorts of calamity. As I get up off the floor I notice dog poop.

Dog poop.

When was the dog in here because this just happened. As I listen to CSR yammer on about wires and connections I silently curse my dog and begin to clean up the mess. At this point I have shut off everything, turned it on, shut if off, and turned it on again. I type in some ridiculous website address and am asked.

CSR: Do you see the map ma'am?

V: Yes! yes I do! (I'm starting to feel like I might in an episode of Lost) Do I touch a button? What does the map mean?

CSR: Close it down ma'am. You don't need to mess with the map. Now shut everything off again.

V: Are you messin' with me lady? What is the map for? I need to know!

CSR: Don't worry about the map. You'll see it again.....

She has established that my DSL connection and modem are fine. My computer is fine. The router is not her problem or her company's so she blames it on them and says all is fixed. Except I still don't have my WIFI and I don't work on the desktop. Forty minutes and 34 seconds of work/naptime are gone. Poof!

CSR: Ma'am, on a scale of one to ten would you reccommend Verizon customer service to a friend or family member?

V: Just leave me alone... Haven't you done enough to this family today? Just tell me what the map means....


  1. I am soo with you, i think that should be on the presidential platform, what are you going to do about the TERRIBLE customer service big business gives?!? LOL. I dread calling them! It's become a joke in our house, who's going to call. we have a list of issues that we ignore til we cant anymore b/c noone wants to hold for 25 min. just to be aggrivated further! I am with you!

  2. LMAO!!!

    I love tech support calls.

    Usually, I can make the person on the other line cry, or at the very least send me to their supervisor. I had one guy send me to the department that terminates service because I was so upset, he figured there was no other way. Oh, and sometimes, if you bitch enough, you can get free things. I've gotten phones, rebates, free add ons, all kinds of stuff by being a HUGH bitch.

  3. Noodleio, i need you to come over and pretend your me, that could be a lucrative business. LOL. you could be on hold all day and people could pay you to solve their problems. i end up crying, out of frustration!!! LOL

  4. If you want I'd be happy to go down to verizon with you and beat the crap out of one of their reps.

    But you have to promise to come with me to Spirit Airlines and Cox Communications and do the same.



    I'm free on Wednesday morning.


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