Thursday, February 14, 2008

Please pass the schmaltz

Yes, Internets, I will admit it. Valentines Day turns me into a total sap. Me. The person who shuns hugs and has to remind myself to pet my dog. Me, the person who swatted their own mother away moments after birth, loves Valentines Day, the most commercialized day of the year.

I love Valentines Day for all its schmaltz too. It coconut-crème filled, shiny foiled lined, candy coated goodness. I love it not only because it is my father’s birthday or the day my daughter was supposed to be born but because I can show my soft, sappy side and blame it on the 14th of February rather than the fact that sometimes I can be soft and cuddly. Sometimes.

Without further ado my top picks for Valentines Day songs and movies. I do love my lists!

Possession, Sarah McCachlan -is there anything sexier than that song? I think not.
Silly Love Songs, Paul McCartney - I used to dance around to the song as a cashier at CVS it seemed the only song that permeated the musty muzak station we always had to listen to. I will always love it because it is fun and simple.
Maybe, I’m Amazed- More Sir Paul thank you very much (his love does do it good)
Always a Woman, Billy Joel- I’m dating myself here but this song is just so damn good.
All I Want is You, Carly Simon- Dude, I’m old.
Shining Star, The Manhattans- and I have terrible taste in music but this is my wedding song, man. This one is for you H.

On to the films, ahem, lurve stories

Pretty in Pink -what’s better than that kiss in the parking lot? Nothing.
The Way We Were -because I’m a Katie girl and this movie just says it all and makes me weary with sadness each time I watch it and I love that. It kicks a Love Story's ass any day too.
Love, Actually -I see this as more of a Christmas film but it always makes me shine with happiness after viewing it.
Gone with the Wind -It is my all time favorite movie and I just love that fiery spark between those two.
The Piano -unspeakably sad and romantic when I was 16 and saw it for the first time and now even more so.
The Notebook -a bit of a cheese factor here, but it makes me cry each and every time.

Join in the fun! List your fave songs and movies for Valentines Day.

As Britney Spears would say, "Happy heart day y'all!"


  1. From H, in no particular order-

    Love, Actually
    When Harry Met Sally (good pick!)
    Rock Star
    The Princess Bride
    Fiddler on the Roof (H said he was kickin' it old school here)

    Shining Star (awww)
    Lean on Me
    Did It all for the Nookie (Limp Biskit)
    The Good Stuff (Kenny Chesney-the boy loves him some country)
    Baby Got Back (OK- does this count?)

  2. This one is neither a song nor a movie, but something I love about Valentine's Day: Those dumb little necco hearts in the boxes, classic style. Yum yum. Even though they aren't that good.

    I didn't have any this year.

  3. Movies: Love Actually, 4 Weddings and Funeral, You've Got Mail, GiGi and The Holiday to name a few.

    Songs: Everything, You Decorated My Life, Unchained Melody, Unforgettable, L.O.V.E. and Hold on My Heart to name a few

  4. "Maybe I'm Amazed" was our fisrt dance at our wedding.

    You alreay said most of my favorite love songs, but I also really like "Never My Love" by The Association.


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