Friday, February 15, 2008

It's The Random Facts Edition

I was asked to list ten random facts about me in an interview recently (I'm as shocked as you that someone wanted to interview me) and since it is Friday, my WIFI is still messed up and now I have a lovely sty taking up residence and taking over my right eye, I'm taking it easy to day-

Random Facts About Me- (because I'm that fascinating)

I believe in E.T.'s

I hate the dark.

I love fluffernutter sandwiches, especially for breakfast when training for the Avon Walk.

I wish I played the bass violin.

I have been a Titanic nut since I was nine which also makes me never want to take a cruise nor do I like deep ocean water.

I have medium skills but please don't ask me if your Aunt Mildred is nearby or if you have a ghost in your house. It doesn't really work like that.

I prefer purses over shoes. In fact, I hate shoe shopping in general. Does that make me less of a girl?

I work best early in the morning.

I am not good at math. It is laughable and yet very sad how bad I am at it. So let's keep laughing...

I've been a bridesmaid more times than I like to recount. I could have been in 27 Dresses at this point.

I think I could take Ann Coulter in a fight. That woman's massive amount of hatred for life in general makes me think I could break her in seconds flat.

I want to like Hilary but I just can't.

I could listen to Daniel Day Lewis read a dictionary and think it was Oscar worthy.

Alright I need coffee. Go forth, comment, share your random facts or thoughts. I know you have some good ones!

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