Monday, January 28, 2008

The Two E's-Edwards and the Economy

Allow me to get a little political here for a moment. In the past I've talked about a few of the candidates and how important it is to get the vote out. Super Tuesday is fast approaching and now more than ever the election is on my mind. Daily we are bombarded with news and updates about this electoral race. Both sides are playing hard and fast and in some cases there is more of a buzz about one or two candidates over another one. I'm talking about John Edwards people. Allow me to bend your ear a moment. Just excuse the page and come back tomorrow if you aren't a Democrat or an Independent like me, who wants to give some Edwards love.

You might wonder why I favor Edwards over Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Quite honestly it is gut instinct feeling. When I compare my beliefs and feelings on certain issues at this site the tally is a three way tie for me each time. However, for me Edwards is the only one truly talking about the one issue that is on the minds of US citizens the most these days. The economy. When asked during exit polls or just off the street what concerns us the most, we don't say it is the war in Iraq anymore, we are yelling in a resoundingly loud chorus that it is the economy we think and worry about the most. Many of us can't sleep at night because of it. I'm there with you.

While I love the idea of a woman president (the feminist in me REALLY wants to) I just can't fully engage myself in Hillary. I was a teen in the 1990's. I remember so much from that time. I remember the feelings of disappointment I had when I voted in my first election and had to choose between Mr. Smarmy pants and Dole. I know she isn't her husband by any means but I just can't trust her. I give kudos to Obama for his speech patterns too. He sounds very familiar and people like that. He is not a bad candidate. However, the two of them have had enough publicity and I'm sick of listening to them argue and I don't like smear campaigns. Realize this- they are so wrapped up in bringing the other down they are not talking about the issues. Got that? I know it is how the game is played but I like a candidate who is above the fray. One who is the grown-up. Not just someone who is a great historical candidate.

My vote goes to Edwards. He is the strongest Democratic candidate, despite what the media is selling you. He is the contender people. This little independent is concerned with the issues not the person. Since the 1980's the middle class has been in decline. I had a cartoon making this statement on my wall as a junior high kid. In it a limo representing the wealthy was being held up by an ever-narrowing group that was once the middle class. That year was 1988. This is not a cartoon anymore and Edwards main goal is to tear down and fix what is become a reality. The issue of the decline of the middle class and economy go hand in hand. Are the other candidates concerned with this issue? Only when they see Edwards getting media attention about it. Only then do you hear them speak about it.

In the end I still vote with my gut no matter what some online match-up game tells me. I do my research and I know what concerns me. You do too. America is screaming for a second chance and I believe Edwards is the only one listening. If you don't believe me, read this letter.

Really it doesn't matter how you vote. Just that you do vote and that you vote for the candidate YOU believe in. Don't vote for the person you think will win, vote for who you want to see in office. Let's rally ladies and see what we can do with our immense voices too! Head to this open letter and make yourself heard today!


  1. I agree -- I am impressed by Edwards' platform. Not sure he's going to make it to candidacy, but I think he's great. Style AND substance.

    And I agree about Hillary -- I'd love to see a woman president, but I can't completely give her my backing at this point.

  2. The hard part about Edwards, he stays behind in the polls, and in the primaries. I just don't know if he can beat either of the other two, of course as I happen to be happily Conservative Republican, my vote isn't to any of them.. But I am thinking Obama has the best chance of beating Hillary, just a gut feeling, but you may be right, Edwards may pull it out on Super Tuesday.

  3. I would agree that the economy is forewmost in the minds of many... but we have to get down to a root cause for many of our current economice woes.

    We are currently engaged in two wars, and wars consume an unholy amount of money.

    The war in Iraq has been much more expensive than operations in Afghanistan.

    I can't support any candidate, Democrat or Republican that thought invading Iraq was a good idea.

    That leaves John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, and all of the Republicans.

  4. I voted for Edwards in the Florida primary today, FWIW, since we have no fucking delegates.

  5. I heard today that Edwards is expected to drop out of the race. I didn't expect that at all!

  6. Did you see his speech today? It brought a tear to my eye. I've always admired him, even if he wasn't my top choice.

  7. If wishes were horses, then beggars might ride. I wish Edwards had stayed in the race through Super Tuesday, at least. He has so much to offer. Four years ago, I liked him better than I did Kerry.


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