Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bill Clinton is on the phone. Will you take the call?

Overheards from our house last night. Scene: Dinner at our house, H & I are conversing about our day. I am discussing the 'Open Letter' to the Presidential candidates on DC Metro Moms.

V: It seems that we can't get the candidates to talk to us. Their people keep volunteering their wives instead. Well, that's sweet and stuff and no offense, but we've already talked to some and now we are screaming, "NO! We want YOU, the candidate."

H: So you guys won't talk to Bill then, huh?

V: Ugh. No, Mr. Smarmy-pants is a spouse too. Besides, I'd probably have to put a dental dam on the phone just to take the call.

Later in the evening....

V: You are watching what?! I didn't quite hear that correctly.

H: Colorsplash. COLORSPLASH!

V: Excuse me, what?! You mean the Design Star winner who is always painting bold streaks on the floor on HGTV? The guy you mercilessly mock at every HGTV chance you get?

H: Uh, yeah... he's creating a library and I think I can use his ideas.

V: Oh. (now grumbling to myself about not having a library nor the forethought to use mahogany plywood on the walls like David is using which turns out so nicely that it looks like buttery leather on the walls) But I want to watch Scott Baio!

H: No. Colorsplash!!


It is clear that we have horrible taste in television shows at this point and we both shut up and watch the end results of Colorsplash. Besides I had already realized what horrible taste in music I had when I visited Jennsylvania last night and found so many fantastic songs from this post. So really? How was another viewing of Scott Baio going to harm me?

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  1. Anonymous8:25 PM

    I love that show!! Renee just amazes me with her tolerance of his shenanigans and massive ego.
    Very funny post! Helen


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