Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tarzhay Drapes = Freedom

T.D. has been at Nana's since Tuesday. It's always weird when she is gone. The days fly by. H & I don't know what to do with ourselves and the house feels too quiet. At the same time though I've had concentrated times to work and download useless songs on my Ipod (I went a little Depeche Mode crazy yesterday). We miss her but there is something to be said for all this-

Wandering through Target with only my purse. I spent twenty minutes just looking at drapes. I wandered through every department actually looking at things and processing information. The light I want for our bathroom? I STILL remember the price and I didn't even have to write it down! What's more? I didn't buy a thing! I walked out of Tarzhay with nada. That is a feat or a miracle unto itself!

Ulta. Found some fun things for giveaways. Actually took the time to browse and find items that weren't junk. Kick ass!

Tweezed eyebrows. Removed nail polish. Applied face mask (it's work I'm reviewing it!) and listened to a book on tape all at once. It's like a fantasy is taking place in my house.

The ability to make unlimited and banal calls to make appointments without a screaming child in the background.

Picking up and just leaving to work somewhere other than the dining room table, floor, couch or bedroom.

Where was I at 6:35 on a Wednesday night? The movies. Seeing Juno. Bliss!

OK. I'll stop. I miss my girl. I miss her funny little dances and her propensity for running in circles and barking orders at the dog. Yet, I need this time. I am working like mad and it feels great!

I'm in a generous mood today so I'm giving away a Nankeen Ying bag. Head on over to Mummy's Product Reviews to find out the details on how you can get this incredibly cool and enviable bag with a computer sleeve.

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