Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Final Countdown (Could you stop with the music by Europe now?!)

Fine. Here. Have your music and let's get on with it.

I hurt. Many, many places today.


My armpits are sore. I think I may have pulled an ear muscle. My obliques are shaking. Did I mention that I'm in pain? All over.

I finally kicked started myself into going to the gym. I've been about once a week this month if that, excluding the week I was projecting mucus from my lungs. I decided that I needed more motivation than just howling at my saddle bags while I stand naked in my bathroom in the morning. They just sort of laugh at me now and it isn't enough to keep me going. I laugh back at them and we have started calling it a day.

That being said I developed a plan (if you are picturing me rubbing my hands together like some Duddly Do-right villain you are spot on.)that combines me staying motivated while getting someone else to hit the gym as well. My friend is getting married soon and wants to do that whole tone-the-arms before the wedding and get a little more svelte before that final fitting thing. Armed with an excel spreadsheet we'll track our progress over the next ten (yes, 1-0) weeks and whoever comes closest to meeting their goal wins. The loser buys dinner. There should probably be penalties too if we skip gym time or drink too much soda but we haven't gotten that far. It is enough that we are going to the gym right? Right?!? Right.

I leave that part up to you dear readers (twisting my long handlebar mustache and grinning wickedly now). Send me your ideas for penalties and punishments for my friend and me. I'll sift through them, get scared at some of your sick ways and pick a few along with my friend. So go ahead, tell me. If I skip my weights class on Wednesday what should I have to do? If my friend drinks too much Diet Coke do I get to wake her up at 3 a.m. and make her drop and give me 100?

I'll keep you posted. You can read about our progress in the next 10 weeks over at Flaming Tulle.

In other news, check out my review of the Britax Marathon here at Autosavant. It is safe to say that after spending an hour or so with owner and editor of this site I have developed a growing interest in the car industry. I had no idea it could be so fascinating or soap opera like. I don't need TV. I can just read about concept cars and the differences between the US and the European auto industry.


  1. There's some site where you can make a pledge to do something and you send money in. If you achieve your goal, you get your money back, but if you don't, it goes to the charity of your choice - it's something like that. It might be a good motivator with a good end, either way. Just look it up through google. I'll ask my DH the name.

  2. That's a great idea! Let me know what it is!


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