Monday, January 21, 2008

House Flippin' Gets Me Hot

Many of you know that H & I have a side business where we flip houses. Go ahead gush about how much you love to watch HGTV and TLC home shows. That's right. Uh-huh. Yes, we do love to watch those shows too. Oh you want to do it too? Really? Yup, it is just so much fun. Did I mention though how freakin' hard it can be? That sometimes you can't get an investor to save your life. Or you have one lined up and then poof! no property! How about the fact that banks own many, many, many properties but hold on to them tighter than that elusive diamond up Cameron's ass.

Somehow though the whole thing gets me hot. I don't know if it is the paint fumes, the carpet glue or picking out cabinets and tile that does it but there is definitely some freaky mojo at work. So when H asked me to cancel our lovely winery tour scheduled for Saturday and instead spend the day poking around vacant properties I jumped on it. The opportunity not H.

When you visit these properties you find many things. You realize that no matter what you think destruction of a kitchen looks like there is always a new angle. Want to be freaked out? Enter a home that has been vandalized by a gang. See counter tops with the word 'pussy' written on them. Now that is what I want on my counters. Geez. Be prepared to take in the deep scent of urine and black mold. Feel the chill from broken windows or master bedrooms with no roofs. It's not all bad and you can see and find the beauty in most places. I took the liberty though of putting up some photos that well weird or freak me out vs. getting me in the mood to make out.

Something tells me Lucky wasn't actually all that lucky. Yeesh!

This little fixer-upper is great! If you have no problems with having a bathroom in your garage which is half caved in and the neighbors can see you all the time!

Now where did I put that knife? Oh that's right! I left it in the driveway! Let me just go get it!

Not much can be said for the sardines except that I found them in between the garage-bathroom and a broken down hot tub. I guess that is why the knife was needed in the driveway?

We saw about 12 properties on Saturday. This was just from one.

Congratulations to this fine blogger! She'll be adding a new addition to her family soon.

Also, congratulations to Lauren. She won last week's giveaway on Mummy's Product Reviews. Lauren, you'll receive your ying shortly!


  1. We want to get in to the flippin fun one day...when we're more financially stable, of course. Before we bought this house we were trying to buy a 1910 farmhouse that needed TONS-o-love. But we were out of our league. One day though....

  2. dude.. you must email me. we just bought a house that needs TONS of upgrades to it. not to flip- to live in. i can't imagine that you put $$$$$$ money in your flip house, so i'm sure i could use your expertise in making something nice, pretty, lasting- but not break the bank. email? help? THANKS!!!

  3. I've never felt brave enough to try flipping. We live in an old house that we love, but it's constantly in need of repair and upgrades. The next "project" is either restoring the front porch or replacing the garage. If we have time to do the paperwork and research, we'd like to look into grant money for the front porch project. Ah, I can dream.


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