Saturday, November 24, 2007


SCENE: Hotel hallway early Friday morning.

Me: (BIG YAWN) Oh! I'm so tired....

Mother: (In hotel hallway with H) Well you have every right to be?

Me: Huh? Why? (I didn't cook dinner, I've stayed in a hotel all week without the kid)


Me: (Badgering) What?! Why do I have a right to be tired? (H creeps down the hall a bit towards the elevator)

Mother: Because it's that time of the month and...

Me: MOM!!! Geez! That is not why I'm tired! GOD!! Augh! (Loud huffy sigh by me as I feel I'm 14 again)

Mother: I'm just saying. Why else would you be tired?

Me: (Resisting the urge to say, "because I've been out all hours of the night gettin' my drink, swerve and drug on..." just to get a rise out of her proving in fact that I am 14.) Because I've stayed up late each night this week and gotten up early. That's why.

Anyone else have any fun holiday moments like this one?

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