Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Reduce the Crazy- Project Life Change

So there I was reading all about Project Life Change from some great bloggers and I thought, well what a swell idea but I've already done that. Remember? I quit my job back in January to stay home with T.D. and pursue my writing. A life long dream. What could be better than that?

Except for one thing.

It's called balance. Coupled with my inability to say no to a writing gig or almost anything else and I am swamped! Swamped with writing for free half the time too. Sure I get loads of free products and that's great! My friends think I'm the luckiest person for all that stuff that arrives daily at my front door. Except that they don't have to review it. I get bogged down in the boxes and using things and keeping such a tight schedule. I have stopped enjoying it. I want to do different things but I'm always ripping open some new item to review and it was starting to make me and our whole house a bit crazy.

"No T.D.! Don't play with that toy! Watch this DVD instead!"
"Don't you want to wear this new shirt? Come on! It's fun!
"Now let's find out what the streets are saying about that shirt! MUSH!"

Yeeeaaah. You get the drift.

So I made a pact with myself and with H. No more new stuff this year. What is on the books, which quite frankly has me to the end of the year, is it. Nothing else. All new stuff goes into next years review which will be down to two a week instead of three plus. It's just too much. So I'm learning to say no or actually, yes, but not until next year on some things. It's a relief. A big one.

It also frees up my time for things like, oh... actually communicating with my daughter and taking walks or going on play dates and not just busying her while I write up another piece. I can free my mind too and let the creative writer take over and there are things that are definitely brewing. Hearing about this Project Life Change initiative was just in time and what I needed. What my family needed. I needed to step back once again and reduce the busy/crazy and focus on what is truly important and the number one reason I'm home. My daughter.

Feel free to read more about the project here and look for me as a contributor there as well! I'm so excited about this website I can't even tell you! It's everything I love in one great space!

Oh yeah! While you are at it head on over to the review site over on the right hand sidebar. New stuff is up this week and Friday we are having a giveaway! One lucky reader will win the new Jen Lancaster book Bright Lights, Big Ass and some other fun items so stay tuned!

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  1. I think the toughest part of all these transitions and changes is checking back in, reevaluating, making them work differently all over again. So I applaud you, MummyChron, for not only taking that big old leap of faith to be with your child and be a writer but to rework it now that you are so in it. Keep us updated. I will be cheering you on across the interwebs.


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