Thursday, October 04, 2007

Continuing in the vein (OK that just sounds gross) of Project Life Change I'm not working today. The pull is strong and it means that tomorrow I will have to work doubly hard but I feel it is time for a day of rest.

I knew going into this work from home thing that in effect I would never actually leave work. Especially when I happen to leave my laptop on all the time and out in the open. It tempts me. Holding court on whatever surface it lands. Beckoning me like a siren to type more words. Blog one more thing. I will resist today and live in the day.

I'll take a walk with TD despite the fog rolling in off our almost completely dried up river. We will do some fun crafty project involving leaves I think and read lots of books. We might return some picture frames as well but at least I'm not glued to the screen and keyboard.

I hope that Project Life Change will work out well and eliminate things like this from further happening in our house.

I had no idea wood floors needed to be mowed. Duly noted.

Clearly it's October in our house as the home decor magazines are mixing with the Halloween costume accouterments. (Mind out of the gutter and Mom stop crying! That was from some ill-fated costume I wore one year as the Angel of Death. A whole other story for another day or blog)

No Mess Paints my ass. At least they are clear but four hair washings later and the goop still holds. Eesh.

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