Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A Pox On Our House

So I lied. It's not really a pox though for some reason I have an inordinate amount of giant bug bites on my legs right now. It's October for crying out loud! We are a sick house. T.D. and the dog are the only ones who haven't succumbed. Yet. T.D. will get it just as we are all getting better I fear.

Tissues lay scattered on the floor. Empty juice containers fill the recycling bin at warp speed and there isn't enough lemon and honey to satisfy me. I am achey and tired. I wish I hadn't already watched all my fun DVR shows and I still have to work because that's right I work at home. Right now working at home consists of not infecting my kid.

So I leave you with these fun reminders-

1. New REVIEWS up at Mummy's Product Reviews. There's always something to learn about including an item called Nundies so check it out.

B. It's not too late to sign up for Vocal Point. Let your voice be heard by major companies and watch fun shows, listen to music and try products. I received some last week!

87. If you are living in NYC and looking for something fabulous to do that is not the norm you MUST check out BASHED! on October 28. It will be incredible and I'll be there! PLUS IF YOU ARE A NYC BLOGGER and want to help give a little buzz to this event email me. veamason at gmail dot com.

F. My friend Char has this great travel blog. She is currently taking a leave of absence from work to live in Germany and travel for two months. Amazing no? I would love that! Give Char some love. The girl sat in a gray cube next to me for a while listening to my banal work stories, helped plan my wedding eons ago, has kept in touch with me through the years, and basically has been an excellent friend no matter what the situation. I love her. So send her some traffic!

Now I'm going to lay moaning on the couch wishing some fairy would bring me tea with lemon and take my jeans (why are all jeans now incredibly LONG?!) to the tailor for me. The gym is so out today.


  1. Awww...thanks for the love today. I hope you manage to get better without getting R sick. Why bug bites? Take care.


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