Tuesday, October 09, 2007

She That No Longer Speaks

Disgruntled. Angry. Exasperated. Annoyed. Futile. Pissed Off! That is me. I think futile and PO'ed really nail it though. I hate to do this because it could be seen as burning a bridge but I'm wondering if I'm the only one here who is going through this.

See in the past I have written for a great little review site (not PBN! which is great and wouldn't dream of doing this to a writer!) that I really believed in. They gave me a shot and I felt good seeing my stuff in print even with out a byline. That was promised but has yet to come through. That seems to be the problem. They don't come through. With payment. I've asked nicely sending along my invoices each time they print a piece of mine. It's paltry money. It was supposed to be a regular gig. It didn't work out that way. That is fine. Yet here I sit six months later without my measly $175 in payment. Emails have gone unanswered. Excuses have come up that are I am now deeming as lame and inexcusable. This is no way to run a business. I am angry and ready to take legal action over a paltry $175 merely on principal.

I am a work at home mother! I don't make gazillions doing these blogs and such. I barely cover the cost of my student loan. I need each pay check. I EARN that through nap times and random moments that I eek out during my days. This is not easy money by any means. When you say you won't print an article because it doesn't fit and then do it anyway do you think I won't notice? I keep tabs on my stuff! I keep tabs on the money that is owed to me. There are plenty of other companies that pay on time and do business well.

I just want to be paid and go on my way. I won't write for them again unless they pay BEFORE an article which I know they won't do. I just had to vent. Now see if you can figure out what is no longer being plugged in my 'Places I Write' section. If you too have been burned by a company and not paid let me know! Maybe we can form a disgruntled support group. Want to donate and help me raise the $175 to pay my student loan this month- just email me how! You think I'm kidding. I'm not. I am just feeling futile and pissed off!

*If you want to feel less futile this week join us in the Breast Fest Day or the Montage!

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  1. Thanks! Me too! It's been months and I just want my $175. That's all!


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