Friday, October 12, 2007

Bunches of Stuff

Two things as it's Friday and I don't want to tax our brains too much.

Yesterday, I was at my local Target where I managed to only purchase one item! That alone should be a front page story. I spent less than $20 too. I'm quite proud of this feat. Here's the actual story.

As I was getting T.D. out of her car seat two men about the age of 28? walked over to their car parked next to me. They were nice well kept gentlemen I suspect from the Marine Corps base nearby. I smiled at them as I extracted T.D. from her many belts and buckles. They barely smiled back and one impatiently said to his friend, "So just back the car up so I can get in." Apparently my car door being open for more than 2.5 seconds was 1.5 seconds too long for him to wait to get into his car. Really. I was already pulling her out and turning to them to smile when they approached. There was no wait. I looked at them and then back to T.D. I smiled sweetly and said in my nicest 'Mummy knows best' voice, "Patience! It's a virtue. Please have some!" I smiled again and walked away. I was actually fuming mad. I couldn't help but think a few things.

One- To quote SJP in an episode of SATC- "Oh! You're just soooo busy!" You want busy? It's a Thursday mid-day and you are strolling through the Target parking lot! I'll tell you what busy is! I'll run through the list of everything I've done just this morning sonny! Don't make me get my list out! Stop being such an EWG (entitled white guy)!

Two- Have some freakin' patience! I know that when you see a Mom and kid car seat situation you cringe. You sigh and huff. I'm well aware of that. Pre-kid I never waited for a parking spot from a parent loading their kids into their car. That is just pushing someone who might not need that additional stress. Besides we don't always take 87 hours to load ourselves into our cars or get out of them. Why don't you cring and huff about the people who have NO ONE but THEMSELVES to get into their car and it takes them 87 hours to get in and back out. What's up with THOSE people?!

Three- I think I really sounded like Mary Poppins in a sing song voice that would have set my teeth on edge if I had heard it. Hopefully it will make them think twice about being in such a hurry and rude. I doubt it but you never know. Considering I was post-workout and still sweating in an attractive dark grey Rollins shirt and black capri workout sweats I'm sure they just thought, "Oh! look how she let herself go after having a kid. That woman's feet are Ginormous!"

I was going to go into a bit about JM's (Judgemental Mom's) and something that happened to me the other day but I'm saving that for a whole other website. Days later I'm still amazed at how callous one woman can be about another. It makes me think twice about this whole person in general.

On another note H told me that I looked "not like a Mom at all" yesterday. My butt apparently looked "cute" in my ratty old jeans. When I asked him why he thought I looked non-mom he stated, "What Mom do you know that wears a Rollins t-shirt and Chucks?" I replied, "A lot I hope." He looked at me as if he knew better. Prove me right! Send me pics of you in not-so-Momish-attire! I'll post up here on the site and give away a fun prize pack to the lucky winner!Email photos to veamason at gmail dot com.

Have a great weekend everyone! See Mummy's Product Reviews for two new additional and yes, quite fabulous reviews! You'll find a cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld- get your kids to eat their veggies without them even knowing it! Plus another amazing bag!


  1. I can't help with attire as I think I looked like a grandmother from age 14 on (LOL) but in my defense it was the 80s and I think everyone looked like a grandmother going country clubbing then.

    But...I wear low rise chinos with t-shirts, often sort of tie dye looking with odd art posters on the front, and brown suede Clarks. This is my winter wear.

    As for the rest...rock on Mary Poppins Mom! Mary Poppins (the book one) was Very Cross and Snappish. :)

    I'd have liked to have seen their faces after you chastised them LOL.

    I am beyond impressed, in fact color me amazed that you got in and out of Target with ONE THING.

    Using My Words

  2. Low rise anything means at least you know that low rise is available. :) Plus t-shirts with personality and not kittens are ok too in my book.


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