Friday, September 14, 2007

Workin' It

Always a small girl I never had an issue with weight or wearing different size clothes. That all changed however when I got myself knocked up and gained 40 lbs. I swore even that would never happen. I would be that cute "I will gain 25 lbs ONLY" pregnant woman. Heh. Except I craved pork. I ate my way through my pregnancy while sitting behind a desk consuming all manner of bad office food in a way I had never done before. Fries with that?! Yes please! Two slices of cake? Why thank you!

I lost 20 lbs the first week. Easy peasy I thought. My main goal was to not be wearing maternity pants when I got back to work. Been there, done that! Ok, so they were a size up from my old pre-baby size but they weren't maternity pants! I was depressed about this and my new poundage. I joined Weight Watchers. I hit the gym in my office and at home and we booked a trip to Jamaica forever sealing the deal with myself to lose those last 10 lbs that I could not shake. Through doing things like the Perfect Run, hitting the gym (LOTS of cardio), and watching what I ate I did it! I was so proud! I can see my abs in our beach shots of that trip! I still find this fact amazing. So while I looked good I still could not come to terms with how my body still didn't look the same pre-baby. Damn hips! I'm an hourglass girl now and growing up I just wasn't. It's been a hard thing to acclimate to. Styles I wore before are now ill-fitting and I lost that sense of body confidence I once had. What else is new right?

My daughter is now 18 months. Through a few revelations and less scrutiny I've found that the only way I'm happy is if I've had enough exercise. Enough exercise to blow off steam and have a good sweat. It keeps me feeling good which in turn makes me see myself in a better light. I also try to eliminate the crap in my diet. When I eat A LOT of junk food I feel slow. It's not easy to chase a toddler when you feel slow. I challenge myself with The Nine, I work out regularly with a great gym that is supportive and has a good, FREE daycare. Really I'm Workin' It to feel good about me and to set a good example for my daughter. When my daughter rubs some cellulite on my thighs I want to cringe and yell NO! But I check myself and move on. It's not easy but workin' it never is. Run, walk, jog, Pilate's, yoga, Zumba and some strip aerobics. I've done it all and in the process figured out that I must be happy with what I have. If not, how can my daughter ever be?

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  1. Way to go on loosing weight!

  2. Pregnancy does insane things to your body. I gained about 100 pounds each pregnancy...due to medical issues and eating like a crazed person. Got it all off the first time with Weight Watchers....still struggling this time with an extra 40 pounds. But yanno what I've realized finally? I'm okay if I never get back into my size 4's in my closet. As long as I can move easily and chase my kids, I'm's more about health than cuteness.


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