Monday, September 17, 2007

Get Loud, Get Vocal!

I love products! I write product reviews for a living after all. I simply adore trying new items. From crackers to soap my house can be jam packed! Though I haven't actually tried jam. I give an honest review too. Yes, really. If sometimes it seems that there is just too much that I love it is because quite frankly there is a TON of great stuff out there. Now there is one more. Get out your favorites list and add this to it. You are really going to want to. Vocal Point.

What is Vocal Point you ask? I know you are all pins and needles. Simply put, Vocal Point is the 411. See how I show my age here people? And it's all for you! Being a Vocal Point member will bring YOU inside information on new products and services. Even better, companies (well-known ones at that!) will look to you for guidance on developing new products. Think Kashi! Join Focus Groups! Watch Meerkat Manor! To me this is a great idea. I am a big fan on getting my two sense in and trying something new in the process. What could be more fun and it's no cost to you! SO CHECK IT OUT! I'm eagerly awaiting my samples now and having fun on the website in the process!

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