Monday, September 17, 2007


Nothing restores my sense of inner peace/tranquility/countless moments of zen better than a weekend spent with the girls. This past weekend I did just that.

Restored? Yes. Tired? A wee bit. A whole day walking around my great city traveling by foot or tunnel makes for a tired Mummy but a happy contented one. Countless glasses of wine and laughs with friends while looking at some truly great art, be it street or museum worthy, is my idea of a good time. The weather was soft with just a tad of bit of crispness in it. The light had that new fall glow as we traversed the cobblestones of Georgetown. I felt younger and lighter. Prettier even despite hating my new layers.

I even got to get gussied up a bit and go out without finding a spot of mac n'cheese on my little black dress. No one cried as I blow dried my hair. I didn't have to haggle with my toddler to use my lip liner. I even woke up to an SBUX latte the next day. Did I mention that it was after 8 a.m. when I woke up? Heaven. on. earth.

The weekend was so good that even the metro ride home complete with sunshine spilling through the windows with a rather remarkable lack of protesters was pleasant. I read a whole Newsweek people! In. ONE. Sitting. No one asked me a question. I didn't have to tell the dog or T.D. to knock it off. Whatever it might be.

I got home just at the start of nap time too. Consumed a Sunday Post, watched Zodiac with H, and really got to enjoy two full days. No work. No traffic. No one asking anything of me. I will say it again. Heaven.

Oh and the best part? MY TOILET IS SEALED! IT'S FINISHED!!! Now all I need to do is paint.


  1. I'm insanely jealous. I had to stop about 6 times while reading your post, to tell my own little munchkin to "knock it off". I don't even remember what it's like to be childless go girl.

  2. Every mother should have such a day from time to time. We neeed it. My first kidless day in over 2 years comes this friday. Woo hoo I can't wait. All thanks to my brave father. Taking on 5 kids(maybe 7)he deserves a medal!!


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