Tuesday, September 18, 2007

That's H*t and other randomness that is so not

Crap! Am I going to get sued now? Ms. Hilton is apparently suing Hallmark for using her copyrighted, that's right you read that correctly, phrase "That's hot" on one of their greeting cards.

Hm.... Can I copyright the term ShippyMcflippyShadippy then? It has no meaning but it seems like fun.

In other disturbing news, H and I really have our homework cut out for us. In a recent article in Newsweek, Ken Burns (you know the documentary maker extraordinaire)stated that many high schoolers don't know who fought in WWII or about the American-Japanese internment camps that were here in this very country. Seriously? I know I'm a history geek and all but it is so disturbing to me that we are losing this information to say things like...No Child Left Behind standardized tests. We're losing what keeps us from becoming robots. Creepy all consuming text messaging robots who run on Dunkin. I feel the little Andy Rooney curmudgeon in me coming out.

Jessica Simpson rumors swirl these days with talks of her wanting to adopt a child. Now we hear so does her friend/stylist Ken Paves. Perhaps together. Seriously? Kids are not accessories. I don't even like when the media says this because it just validates this more. They are not this year's IT bag! It irritates me beyond measure how babies are now like Swatch watches were in the 80s. I think I'm going to start a new trend. I'm going to adopt a baby wildebeest. I'm going to bleach its hair blond too so it looks more like me. Bows, there will be lots of bows! Then I'm going to come out with a line of wildebeest baby clothes, organic feed, and diaper bags. They'll sell like hot cakes don't you think?

Anyway it's back to normal life today of writing, reviews, writing reviews, carting urine around town, going to the bank and other such fun things.


  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Ok, so on 9/11 a Boston radio station went out on the streets near BC and BU and started asking what year did the attacks of 9/11 happen? Do you know, not a single person answered correctly, but when asked questions like, What's the name of Paris' sister?, What are the names of Brad & Angelina's kids? and other such questions, there were no hesitations at all on answering them correctly! Very sad, very very sad!!

  2. Wow. I hated history in high school, and even I know the answer to those questions (and more). Why are standardized tests more important than knowledge and thinking? Grr...

  3. Paris will lose her suit. You can't copyright a phrase. Now that's HOT!


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