Monday, July 02, 2007

Rock On With Your Bad Self!

The lovely, talented, and savvy Mama Saga has awarded me the 'Rockin' Girl Blogger' award! Thank You!!! I am so thrilled!

Right back at ya babe! I'm passing it on to five fabulous females too.

1. Stephanie, my fellow Flaming Tulle blogger for her blog, Where in the World.

2. Siobhan, the crazed knitter of One Knit Two Knit Red Knit Blue Knit.

3. Sarah, blogging over there in sunny SoCal at Hollywood Flakes.

4. Susan, who digs a drink and vacuum and always makes me laugh on her site, Friday Play Date.

5. Last but not least, Lauren, from Catalog of Bitch.

1 comment:

  1. I'm so honored! I haven't been able to repost because I sprained my ankle and can't make it up the stairs to my computer at home and don't want to post at work...bleagh...


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