Monday, July 02, 2007

In a Child's Eye's

Smiling Mom is on vacation. Here is my version for July's blog Exchange.

In a child’s eyes she was more than the woman who could scarily flip her eyelids inside out she was the one and only person who I would eat Total cereal and unsalted potato chips for.

In a child’s eyes she made ‘Mystery’ just as much fun to watch as ‘Love Boat’ and the Sunday night Disney movie.

In a child’s eyes she made swinging on the porch the only way to spend an afternoon, going to the grocery store an adventure with special treats, and she instilled the fine art of French cooking even the dreaded Buche de Noel.

In a child’s eyes she would play endless kiddie bits on the piano for a concert of one. In a child’s eyes it was all in good fun and not the glass ceiling breaking concert pianist that she actually was. Her records were more enjoyable to dance to rather than listen to with awe and admiration.

In a child’s eyes she was and is Memere, the woman who gave me the sense to understand why good manners are important and not just needed. That living is an art and a skill to be acquired. Lipstick should always be worn when leaving the house and your purse is meant to bring a smile to your face not just for carrying your wallet. Aprons are a must. Simple food is just as good as the fancy stuff and a clean kitchen is the key to household organization. Decorating your kitchen with roosters is just an added bonus we both share.

In this child’s eyes she cracked me up when she would take out her false teeth and brush them in front of me. Her pink floral bathroom with its special and equally pink soap enchanted me. The black tiles and tiny medicine chest gleamed and always held interesting treasures like powder puffs and perfume in old fashioned bottles.

In this child’s eyes now a woman with a child of her own, I can only look back fondly and with great love and admiration for what an incredible woman she was and is today. At 87, she is still beautiful and her smile can light up a room. Despite age and its maladies she still dazzles with the piano. I wish I had spent more time simply sitting and listening when I had the chance. She is more than Memere. She is Beatrice, one of the role models and mentors in my life. A woman I respect, love, and can only hope to be even a smidgen like one day.

Vicky, is a freelance writer and WAHM, who resides daily at her blog,The Mummy Chronicles and Mummy’s Product Reviews. Her daughter, T.D. (shown above with her great-grandmother Beatrice) has the middle name Beatrice.


  1. She sounds like a terrific woman. I love the line about the purse.

  2. I think this photo is beautiful!

  3. I am so sorry! I got my date wrong and had my father post your post this morning. I was thinking there were 31 days in June. I'm very sorry! It's up today.

  4. memere! i dont see her nearly enough!


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