Thursday, July 05, 2007


Some people do thirty day challenges (what crap!), others don't even bother. Not being a competitive person myself (unless it involves something like a reading contest) I'm reluctant to even consider doing any sort of "challenge", but when H brought up the easy peasy '5 Day Workout' challenge (say it like the french!) I said yes.

Rules: Individual must workout (break a sweat) for at least 30 minutes each day for five days (M-F). Loser does whatever the winner has chosen as a prize.

Prizes: If I win, H has to paint my bathroom. The tile is in. It's oh so pretty, but it needs a new coat of paint which is languishing in my bathroom being used as a toilet paper roll holder. All hardware will go up then too. THEN I won't have to use the paint can to place my toilet paper on. What luxury.

If H wins, I have to perform certain services a certain number of times a week. Men. They are all the same. Each time we hold a competition? The prize is the same.

Day 1- Monday. Hit the gym running. Literally. I do 45 minutes of cardio and all the weight machines. Whoo hoo! Feel the burn baby! H also makes it to the gym.

Day 2- Tuesday. Gym again! Tried to persuade my neighbor to walk with me but she was having nothing to do with it. More weights, stretching and 35 minutes of cardio.

Day 3- Wednesday/4th of July-Holiday. Gym is closed. Booo! Take the dog for a run while H uses new jogging stroller to take T.D. out on his run. See each other mid-run and wave amicably. Each of us thinking, "I'm so gonna whoop your ass!"
Discuss challenge with girlfriends over 4th of July bash. Hoots of laughter make the men question our sanity. When I describe H's prize they all agree they will get me out the door each day no matter what. They all agree. Men. They are all the same.

Day 4- Thursday. Bit of a snafu. Powerwasher guys coming at 9. Gym only open with daycare at 8:30. Will never make it. Wake T.D. up early, shovel breakfast in her piehole and strap her into stroller. I trudge along the neighborhood streets without caffeine, sweating and silent. It's too early for even me. I did it though. Take that conference calling husband already at work, not the gym!

Tomorrow is the final day. I'm so gonna win! I'm actually quite enjoying this Challenge! (say it like the french!) and would even like to extend it another week. Who knows what I could get done then. Perhaps request my prize to be a pedicure and eyebrow waxing? Lord knows I need it!


  1. You will be the winner. Thanks for the great idea!(Insert evil laugh here.)

  2. Hilarious! And yes, men are all the same...doesn't even hurt my blonde brain to try to figure out what he thought he was going to win. You'll have to posts pics of him painting your bathroom!! Make sure he does it! :)

  3. Yikes. I dare not mention this to Mike. He'll laugh and say "Only 30 minutes?" When I work out he lets me feel superior. When he works out I get a little bit of early morning uninterrupted sleep. It's really win-win for me.


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