Friday, July 06, 2007

The Good Ol' Days

Back in the days when I was "with child", "preggo", had a "bun in the oven" or was just plain pregnant I had a lot of people say some pretty bizarre or just plain rude things to me. They feel it's perfectly ok to not even say 'hello!' or even smile at you, but just okey dokey to touch your belly or poke your button. It gets pretty damn annoying.

Here are a few of my faves- AND- things I wish I would have said and sometimes did.

-"Are you allowed to eat that?" as I chomped on a Brownie. "Uh.. yeah..Why not? Are they special Brownies? If they are special Brownies I'm eating the whole pan."

-"Will you be breast-feeding?" Blurted out in the middle of a meeting. Asked by a man who I barely knew. Talk about creepy. I had no reply for that one and still don't. Just YICK!!!

-Me in my office: "Son of a Bitch!" Guy in office: "Sssh.. the baby can hear you!" Me: At the time I just grumbled to myself about how annoying it was to be pregnant and have everyone offer "helpful" advice. Now I wish I had just said, "I KNOW that, I was TALKING to the baby. Duh!"

You think it ends after you actually have the baby. Oh no it does NOT. That's where the judging comes in, more advice, and the sketchy questions about your labor, after-birth, breasts, and chotch. As if you really want to talk to the grocery store cashier or guy at Lowe's about all that, much less the creepy lurker dude in your office's hallway.

It's BLOG BLAST FRIDAY asking "What's the most annoying preggo or new mom question you've ever been asked -- AND -- what's your best, snarky "wish-you-could-have-said-it" answer" (in post and comment form -- we can all say "F-off" -- let's hear a mouthful and then some). PBN is putting it all together for their new campaign for Dr. Tracy Gaudet's new book, 'Body, Soul, Baby' which can be found by typing in the title here. Don't you wish you could have just handed those people with all their advice this type of book?

Check out the other sites doing the blog blast here for there are FABULOUS prizes!


  1. What a great post...

    I loved the one about "the baby can hear you..." If I had a dime for every time someone said that to me when I was pregnant!

    But my all-time favorite thing I hated to hear when I was pregnant with my 2nd and 3rd...

    After having my son William... I kept getting:

    "So, do you want a GIRL?"

    And... guess what followed after William - 2 boys... yes, I have 3 boys! Can you believe people would ask me that!?

    And the worst... I had a miscarriage between my youngest 2 sons - so I can assure anyone - all I wanted and prayed for was a healthy baby!

    Love your blog!!

    - Audrey
    Pinks & Blues Girls

  2. People can be so inappropriate. What is up with that?

    I wrote about the sleeping through the night thing at

  3. I love the "I was talking to the baby one" just about spit water all over the laptop I laughed so hard :)

  4. I loved "the baby can hear you..." so funny!

    Found you through the Blogblast, I'll be back!

  5. I, too, have had my share - I had to post about my neighbor ASSUMING I no longer needed my daughter's clothes since I'd had a boy...

    While pregnant with my first, a co-worker, whose wife was pregnant at the same time - seemed to monitor my eating habits all the time... judged me for being sick - don't you know being pregnant increases your immunity? NOT - just the opposite - I did just look at him after that one though and say, "I guess I'm just doing something wrong then, huh."

    Annoying people.

  6. My "baby" is 15, but I still remember the stupid and rude things people asked me and told me. I didn't get quite as many dumb questions during my second preganancy because I worked in a hospital day care. The OB nurses were always eyeing me up, though, wondering when I'd be coming in.

  7. Pregnancy and children bring out the "best" in strangers, huh!

  8. Yeah, I had the creepy-man-asking-a-breastfeeding-question, right after he proclaimed that he gets "turned on" by pregnant woman.


  9. ok, well that is just plain gross. I had a contraction one day in the hallway at work while talking to a co-worker. He asked what was wrong and I told him ( I was soon to go on bedrest due to early labor much to my surprise) the guy actually stopped talking and turned the other way and left me in the hallway!

  10. I would have snapped back, "Are you allowed to be so stupid?"

    :) Great post.

  11. I believe someone would try to come between a pregnant woman and her chocolate baked goods. What a fool.


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