Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Creepy Man Freaks Local Mom While Shopping

News at 11.

Well, not really. Here it is though. While trying to avoid/not get sucked into the 13th Ring of Hell that is my local Safeway, I decided to make a trip to a different grocery yesterday. It's where I do all my "big" shopping since Safeway seems to think its quite alright to take half the GNP from my wallet each time I visit. Seriously I sometimes think I'm funding some small nation with the amount of money I spend there.

While perusing the goods, and incredibly rotten strawberries I might add, this older gentleman approached my cart. "Helloooo", he muttered a bit lasciviously. Ick. I breezed past not making eye contact and barely said a small 'hi' back. He turned around as I whizzed by and said, "I said HELLO!" Ok. Thanks. Creepy. I say Creepy because it wasn't just a friendly thing, there was definitely a dark, ominous feel all of it. He looked at me like I might end up in his crawl space later and he liked that. I seem to attract this type of behavior. I ignore it but the freaks come out when I do. Hmmm... does that mean I'm a freak too? Don't answer that.

As I finished up our shopping and checked out at the register I noticed him hovering. He was behind me in line about two people back. Holding nothing. WTF? No cart. No basket. Nothing in his hands. Not even a pack of gum. I'm not one of those 'excuse it away' girls either. This man wasn't buying a pack of Marlboro's. He kept mumbling at me too. Now incredibly creeped out I skedaddled myself out of there right quick. Only to have him nab me at the door. There he was less than 8 inches from me asking if I needed help to my car. Seriously? Dude was not an employee. I told him, "No, I'm fine." He asked again adding the, "Are you sure you can handle it?" Yup! Yes, I can handle the toddler in an animal cracker induced coma and my cart chocked full of environment killing plastic bags (forgot the cloth ones!) on both racks of the cart just fine thank you. NOW BACK OFF!

He followed me out of the store fora a ways all the while mumbling. I suppose I could have looped back into the store to complain, but I honestly didn't think about it at the time. My only thoughts were "Get away from me Creep!" and "Stupid plastic bags! Hate you!"

Later that night I told H about the whole incident. Normally not much phases H. When I tell him about things like men making comments to me or groping (eons ago I swear and it was usually in a bar) he doesn't do that customary riled up thing. Sometimes this perturbs me but now I'm just used to it. Last night though he made the requisite shocked face and seemed truly disturbed that some weirdo is following his wife and kid around the local grocery emporium. But it's not as if he can do anything at this point so we moved on to watching some banal show on television.

What would any of you have done in this creepy situation?


  1. Honestly?
    I would have ignored him the first time just like you.
    When he continued to harass me, I would have told him to back off.
    If he followed me to the door, I would have found the manager and gotten an escort to my car.
    So many things could have happened; I'm glad that everything turned out alright.

  2. Seriuosly if he'd have followed me outside or to the door I'd have gone right back into the door, and made a SCENE.
    Loud "WHY ARE YOU BOTHERING ME LEAV ME ALONE" will send crazy people scattering - and honestly, it's a dangerous situation.
    There has been too much of this going on lately - never take a chance.
    If he ended up outside with you and had a gun...........that could've been a much worse situation.
    Even worse than the plastic bags.

  3. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Hey Vicky,
    He didn't buy anything? Yikes. I had an experience one time with a creep on an elevator. I took one look at him, and could tell his mental elevator didn't go to the top floor. I was literally frozen, and it is not a good feeling. I agree that you should have someone walk you out to your car. You may feel a little silly asking, but you should always trust your intuitions.



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