Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Heaven's Sing!

Alleluia!!! My bathroom is caulked. The floor is done. The nasty old shower curtain is down! All is fixed! The new hardware has been installed.

What we thought was a weekend project turned into a month long one. The toilet sat for a week or more on the floor, hardware, screws and other assorted home renovation tools lay about all over our upstairs driving me slowly batty. Ok, not slowly.

Now though, it is Finished! All I have to do is clean it. And you know what? I'm damn excited about that fact too. A NEW bathroom and it will be clean. No more tile grout dust, dry wall patch dust, and just dust in general. Fresh towels on the the new racks. New bins for tip top organization. The only thing missing are H-proof towels. Does anyone else's husband destroy towels in record time? H does. What he does to them I'll never know but he has his own "special" towels because they get worn out so fast.

My inner and not so subtle Bree-like tendencies will be in overdrive today as I whip that new bathroom into shape. Scrubbing to my hearts content and make it all sparkly and shiny.

Yes, I just did a whole post on my new bathroom. I don't care. I will sit and stare at all it's pretty newness when all the cleaning is done. All thanks to H and his master grouting and tiling abilities. Thank you H for not throwing the bowl out the second story window or taking a sledge hammer to it though I know you wanted to.

The bathroom is perfect.

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  1. Mike cuts himself every time he shaves and bleeds all over the place. I've started getting him inexpensive dark-colored towels from Target.


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