Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summer Crap and a T-Rex Invasion!

You can tell it's a slow news day when...

There are numerous stories not just about Paris Hilton's venture into the klink, but that her extensions were tightened before she went to the pokey. I'm scintillated with the thoughts.

They are still talking about A-Rod and his blonde bimbo and their fantabulous elevator ride. Silly me thinking there was actually real baseball to be talked about during baseball season.

The beaches are reported to be unsafe again this summer- Beware of the E.Coli on that pretty beach glass kiddies! For cripes sake people you can get E.Coli almost anywhere in this global hodge podge we call earth. Can't we just all watch 'Jaws' and think chummy thoughts?

Here's a real newsflash people, T.D. isn't harboring spirits of long dead dictators in her tiny soul, she is just breaking in three new molars. She also says Niet now. I'm worried. I fear a gulag might be constructed in our basement soon.

And finally, my house was invaded by tiny T-Rex's yesterday. I realized this when I was watching T.D. crash and burn throughout our house with another child from the 'hood yesterday. Little arms flailing, teeth gnashing as they careened precariously throughout the house screaming. They were like tiny T-Rex dinosaurs staking out their territory in the wilds of the living room. All small arms gesturing, teeth bared, and giant heads. "My farm! Not T.D.'s!" wailed one T-Rex, her short arms waving. Lunging forward head first and swinging, T.D. roared her incoherent baby babble back at this other T-Rex declaring the Little People farm hers. Actually she could have been yelling about needing a diaper change, but her English is a little unclear still. I learned that one T-Rex is enough for me especially when more than one diaper change is involved.

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