Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bye Bye Couch Potato Life, Hello! Family Outings

I don't normally talk about my marriage/relationship with H on the blog. It's the one thing I try to keep to myself. Yet, somehow I will be talking about it on the radio tonight? Hmm...

Things have changed A LOT since we had T.D. We're more serious and less spontaneous. Gone are the days of watching Real World marathons while noshing on Doritos for sustenance. That's not unusual for new parents. We've calmed ourselves with the thoughts that we didn't just have a child that first year but career changes for both of us and a new business. Are we crazy? Yes, sometimes I think we are. Then again, that is one of the main reasons I love H. He's just as bat-shit weird as me sometimes, just without the PBS Obsession. Honestly though there were some incredibly hard times. Babies quite literally bring you to your knees in many ways. They pull out your hair and you pull out your own hair in frustration. It's a big overhaul and can really place a magnifine glass on your relationship with your partner. When they say the three hardest things in life are death, taxes and moving they need to add a fourth- having a baby.

SO- What are the changes YOUR marriage has experienced since baby?

That's the topic I'll be discussing with Kristen tonight on her Blog Talk Radio show. The Parrotts, the couple and psychologists behind EHarmony Marriage will be on. BE THERE - 9 p.m. Tonight!

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