Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Little Bit of Green

Green with Envy.

I like to say that I work "really hard" on how I look. Except I don't. Oh, I may put in more than some people- I until recently kept my hair and highlights in check. I put on make up daily. Moisturize. I work out too. Except I work out sometimes sporadically or don't push myself hard enough and as I said before it's my own fault if I don't look the way I REALLY want to. I like to eat too much and I like to eat some pretty "bad for you" foods on a too frequent basis. I berate my thighs daily but so far that hasn't galvanized them to depuff and shed some poundage.

Then today I found out that the oh so cute girl at my gym who I always see in practically every class has two kids. Yup. Two. She's a stick and oh by the way, she gained 60 lbs with each one. That last kiddie is all of six months old if that. Sigh... Now she's teaching a class.

I'm just a little bit green. Green with Envy that I don't have that motivation to rock a body like that. Geez... Though after hearing that I did put in an extra ten minutes of cardio going really really fast and then did a full round of weight training. No more 30 minutes for me! I'm now munching a salad.

To make it worse I took a trip to that oh so fun Safeway. I will now refer to that site as the 13th Ring of Hell. Seriously. Again, I dashed into the place after the gym for a gallon of milk. Annoyed that the Safeway organic kind was past expiration date again, I bought the name brand. I sweating, arms tired from lifting, thought that I would be in and out of the store lickety split. I didn't get a cart. It's just a gallon of milk I thought. Ha. Ha. I'm not really laughing. I again mistakenly thought the 'express' line was meant for fast people. Those of us who enjoy a quick trip. Standing in line behind Mr. I HAVE NO EARTHLY CLUE I felt my arms begin to quake and shake with the weight of T.D. I struggled not to just throw her on top of the conveyor belt. This guy. I words. He has no earthly clue and I really have NO clue as to WTF he was doing. Neither did the cashier.

He had a debit card or a rebate card or SOMETHING. Whatever it was, it wasn't working. He started with an $8 purchase and went down to $4 and nothing would go through. I began to feel bad for him thinking he has that little amount in his account. After fifteen minutes of fiddling though he pulls out a wad o' cash and easily peels off enough money for the entire purchase. WHAT?! Why on earth did we just go through this? At this point T.D. is wiggling and wrangling to run and make a mad dash for some display. I am still sweating, in pain, and feeling the beginnings of a migraine. I just want out! STUPID STUPID SAFEWAY. Not even good enough to make it to the 7th Ring of Hell, but hellish just the same.

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  1. Haha I know that mommy! Hag!

    The grocery trip sounds just painful! Hate when that happens


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