Friday, June 29, 2007

Am I the Only One?

Who can no longer tolerate Rosie and Oprah? I wish someone would put the two of them on a deserted island so they could just talk each other into oblivion. We could probably still hear them.

I used to like them back in the day, truly I did. Rosie's first show, her foray into movies. I enjoyed that. I hated the koosh balls, but I survived. Oprah, I was a certified junkie, minus the sappy book club. I watched for as long as I could remember. I figured being at home I would probably take that Oprah break during the day. Yet, it was while I was on maternity leave and bed rest that I found I could no longer tolerate her ways.

I realize that they have both done heartfelt and generous things numerous times over the years, but I find, and especially with Oprah that they have now become bloated and insufferable. Oprah can't interview someone without interrupting them and relating it back to her. She gives away tons of money and then spends millions on a birthday? Stop showing us your 'Favorite Things' that include $400 slippers and $750 blankets for dogs! Get back to the reality of your viewers. Stop inviting your friends on the show and fawning on them and then having someone you aren't friends with (Faith Hill) on and looking like you are about to fall into a coma. Not everyone has to stroke your ego girl.

Rosie is a windbag much like a talking politico head. She's easier to turn off as she is more explosive and obvious. I do like her skirmishes with Elizabeth as that chick is way too easily provoked and it slays me. Her misspelled blog incites me however and she just seems like some like the toddler at the party no one can control.

But I wonder, am I the only one who finds these too nerve gratingly annoying? Share please.


  1. +1 here. They both have egos the size Mt. Rushmore. Oprah is out of touch with reality and Rosie has just lost it in general.

  2. I agree with you...I have not paid attention to either of them in forever because I don't like them....

  3. LMAO, I agree with you 100%. I can't stand Rosie or Oprah anymore. I understand they do a lot of good for people, but why do they have to report on the good they are doing. Why can't Oprah just go open her schools in private, why does she need the whole media circus surrounding it? I think it's because of what you said, they need the ego stroking!

  4. I like Rosie. I think she has some good things to say and I cheered her on during the stuff with Elizabeth (I cant stand her so that might have comething to do with it)> Oprah on the other hand...Youre right! Its all about the ego. She is almost as bad as Tyra Banks.

    I watched the Tyra show a few times, once she had on very big girls and to relate to them she dressed in a fat suit and walked around. She then spent half the show crying about how hard it was for her while the girls who have to live it every single day just sat there with a look that said "duh"

    The Oprah school thing I have issues with, she spent a few million on a school for 100 girls? Great. But couldnt she have spent the same amount and helped thousands?

  5. You're not the only one, girl.... I stopped watching Oprah back years ago, and Rosie... She's just all about being confrontational and in your face, that's not cool. When people say Oprah should be president, I cringe inwardly... Makes me scared for America's future!!! LOL!

  6. I don't get to watch either of them, since I work. I do enjoy an Oprah here and there when I'm off work.

  7. QueenBee- Well said! I loved Rosie's talk show, I watched it every day. I loved how she interacted with the audience, with her guests, with her staff. I loved her funny stories about Parker and Chelsea. I did NOT care for her on The View.

    I am probably the only woman in America who has never purposely watched an entire episode of Oprah! No particular reason why, it's just not my kind of show I guess. I have watched bits and pieces of shows, and I agree with Manda. While it is absolutely admirable that she wanted to help South African girls get an education, what about African-American girls in Harlem? Los Angeles? Rural Georgia? Those millions could have done so much good right here at home. Why didn't she go to New Orleans and build some people some houses there? It's easy for me to say, I know.

    Oh, and another reason I have a problem with Rosie is because of her blog. Seriously, have you read it? She writes "poems" that are written like text messages. Bugs the heck out of me. Plus, PayPerPost started the Blogger's Choice awards to recognize PPP bloggers for their categories, but then someone nominated Rosie, and it just got completely out of hand.
    Table for Five

  8. Add me to the list. I have not liked Oprah for years and Rosie, well, I have not thought about her for a long time. They are both just annoying.

  9. I am sooo with you on this. I used to be a huge Oprah fan, but I can't stand to watch her show anymore. She is way out of touch!

  10. Very true! Very true! Great post. I also don't like all of the popular blogs now that boast about only the best clothes, toys, wraps for babies ... let's be real, people.


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