Saturday, June 30, 2007


I know why people have nannies. It's so they can complete a thought or task without interruption. NOT just for manicures and long lunches. I'll take a lunch where I'm not bending down to pick up cups and spoons off the floor every 2.5 seconds.

H is still plugging away at the bathroom renovations. There has been some yelling and the toilet is the culprit. It's now taped shut and the door to the bathroom is closed tight. We are not to discuss the toilet or the bathroom right now.

While he diligently and tirelessly worked on that project I just tried to stay afloat, finish a bear of a project that has me feeling slightly insane, and running interference between the dog/kid war of '07. It's on!

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  1. Amen. Now you know why I have a nanny.

    Being able to think a complete thought at least once a week is heaven.


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