Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Random Fizzy Thoughts

I've had some random thoughts fizzing up to the surface of my brain over and over again the last few days. Maybe if I just throw them out there I can get rid of them.

1. I wonder if my watching 'Step Up' on the DVD player in the kitchen will influence T.D. in a negative way or maybe just propel her into an early dance career.

2. Will watching too much Felicity make her a neurotic kid?

3. Dick Cheney has DVT (deep vein thrombosis). I think it's time to open up ol' Vader again and fix some of his spark plugs.

4. Do the Koreans also wonder what is up with Kim Jong Il's hair?

5. Um... I have some thoughts regarding a certain Vladimir P. If I type them will I be dead in 24 hours or less too?

6. I'm scared now. I didn't mean them Vlad. I think you are smashing really I do.

7. I am so fired up about this whole veterans of the Iraq war and the crap treatment the VA has provided I could spit venom. I've seen many sides of this, turned it all around in my head for weeks, read a lot, listened to more on the radio and TV and I still can't write about it because it makes me so mad. Funds are there but not being distributed? Black mold? No treatment for over a year?! It's total Bullshit. I knew I got bad treatment as a spouse, but this is beyond comprehension. (Sorry Mrs. M but we can't give you your needed cancer screening until we stamp your file. And we won't stamp it for over SIX momths...even though it's sitting in my inbox right now. Oh and once we do stamp it we won't actually see you. You have to go out of network for that. That is another six month waiting period. AUGH!!!!)

8. I am determined to handle the ants myself despite calling the exterminator. I will beat them!

9. freakin' snow

10. I am still $600 away from my Avon Walk goal and seriously freaking out now.


  1. Don't worry - you'll make your avon goal ;) Is it possible to mail in a pledge? I ask because my work does some matching..actually I think they triple my donation (which would be cool for you!) But I think I have to send something to them...I keep forgetting to look it up...I'll check tomorrow. Really :) That's the reason I haven't donated..cuz I wanted to make the donation bigger by taking advantage of that.

    Love ya,


    (Although I don't have $600---so keep at it ;) )

  2. That's great that you're doing the walk!! How can I donate?


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