Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If I had nuts

I've been a bit frazzled this morning. Hm.. more than a bit. We are having a grand old time in our house now that we are having full nights of sleep once again. Whoo hoo! I know we party so hard in our house. She's doing some bizarre tribal screaming thing in the early morning hours though. It's a test. Or perhaps a transition. Dictators are commanding and bark orders gruffly. This scream is more like that of a spoiled heir. We're playing a game of who breaks first at this point.

I don't know why I feel so frazzled either. I'm made my deadline and what I'm working on now isn't too time sensitive. I baked my ass off yesterday, making dozens of cookies and brownies for a bake sale at H's work. It's all for the cause. The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer cause. I was thwarted in my attempt to train for the walk today, first by the BITTER cold. Egads! If I had nuts they would have frozen off in the morning cold. So bright and early T.D. and I headed out to run ONE errand and then head to the gym. I pull up and the place looks deserted and closed. I look at T.D. She is knocked the hell out. We drive home. Back to the computer I sit to work or battle the ants that are invading our half bath. It's March! What is with the ants? I'm freaked out about using spray as T.D. spends half her life on the floor. I'm also incredibly grossed out about having ants. Do I live in tenement housing with trash everywhere? Nope. My only guess, the dog poop leaving neighbors are connected to us on that side. I'll blame them. Then clean the already scrubbed floors like a woman possessed for the fifth time.

So see really no need to be frazzled right? It's just another day of me sitting in my artically cold basement office, clacking away on the keyboard during naptimes. I'm getting used to being in my gym clothes or jammies for longer periods of time. All the time spent at the gym anyway has me looking better in them so why not.

The Product of the Week can be found here!

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  1. I have found there to be no worse mental stress than the endless parade of ants across my kitchen floor. The only thing I found that truly stopped them in their tracks was sprinkling chili or cayenne pepper around the edges of the room - they wouldn't cross it. Of course, having a kid now makes that option impossible. I'm happy to say the ants haven't yet found us here in L.A. but they will...


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