Monday, March 05, 2007

My Little Frankenstein

This morning started off with a gag. A whine and a gag. The dog started whimpering around 4:45 a.m. Then T.D. woke up demanding sustenance. As soon as that was taken care of, the second floor toilet began to gurgle and hum in ratjher menacing way and began to run continuously. H got up to fix it. As he walked back into the room the unmistakable sound of puking ensued. Lex, the dog, was throwing up. The toilet began it's run again. It's morning in our household and a Monday to be sure.

I didn't want to get up. Seeing as I have a deadline looming though I knew I had to squeeze in a few hours of work before T.D. awoke again for good. As I lay in bed I recalled the weekend which was a blur. Aren't they always? Errands, work, figuring out our budget, and some fun thrown in I couldn't even remember really what we did. Then I remembered the best part of all. T.D. walked! Her first real steps without any assistance whatsoever! I spied her taking a shaky step away from her high chair and thought, maybe she'll walk from me to H and so forth. She did. Each step was a bit wobbly with her arms thrown out in front of her like a possessed mummy or Frankenstein. I fear for the villagers now that she is on the loose. She will bring chaos on Lex and those around her now that she is truly mobile.

It was amazing to witness though and see her excitement over her acheivement. My little Frankenstein is growing up. sniff...

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  1. I'm having that Monday thing over here too. We woke up to find there was no water (we're on a well) so that sucks. No water means no brushing.

    The bright side is that the dog didn't puke as well. I wuld not have had any water to clean it up with ;-)

    Here's to Tuesday!


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