Sunday, March 04, 2007


Due in part to my passion for women's issues and also to some personal experiences in my own past I am always looking for information on the web about helping women whether it be through volunteering, donating cold hard cash, or even writing about my own personal experiences. The other day I found this site, WomanSavers.

WomanSavers is a unique site. It's informative, full of articles on how to know if your man is cheating or abusive. If you are being abused, there are ways that WomanSavers illustrates on how to obtain help. You can take fun quizzes, send snarky e-cards, watch funny little videos or donate money by survey's to various charities. I've clicked around this site on numerous occassions and I keep finding new things.

I think by far the most appealing in the voyeuristic sense is the Rate A Guy section. Here you can type in old boyfriends or other slimey creatures from your past or present and see if they have been rated before. I had great fun with this section! No one I knew turned up but if you sign up as a member you can countless "reviews" on men. There are many, "Ladies Watch Out for This Guy" ones. So the next time you are about to embark on another first date maybe you want to check out this site. It's worth viewing no matter what.

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