Thursday, March 08, 2007

Die! Sissy Ants Die!

First I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who sent me your ant killing advice. From you I learned that cayenne pepper kills ants in sunny California while 409 Antibacterial spray works best in Hawaii. Did you know that alcohol and water will kill evil little ants residing in Massachusetts? I do now. I tried all of these techniques over the last few days. I have to say that they are working. Even the pepper. No ant is crossing my threshold now.

Oh and the ant traps and Raid help too. The search for that stuff was for some reason far more complex than it ever needed to be. I looked at three stores and thought I was going to lose it as I wandered around Target today looking like a complete loon. I was shuffling the aisles with varying speeds, T.D.'s hair flying backwards one minute, and the next coming to a screeching halt with the cart. I COULD NOT FIND BUG SPRAY. I aimlessly meandered around Target for what felt like eons. Home and Lawn department by chance? Nope. Sporting goods? Automotives? Household cleaners? Nada, zip, zilch. Niet. I did ask a red-shirted stocker with a rather nice hair band and afro and he told me the outdoor area. Oh yes! That must be it as I sped across the store. Wait a minute! I've been there already! He is telling me to buy, Off! bug spray. EEEHHH!! At this point the store workers seemed to be eyeing the crazy lady (me) who was muttering to herself/talking to her toddler. "Attention Target team members, the Crazy lady in the headband (yes I was rockin' a headband thank you) is heading to housewares again. Keep an eye on her. She might be trying to filch some chafing dishes." I finally just packed it in and left all together. I headed to yet another grocery store where I felt like a scabies ridden hag buying ant traps and Raid. Lovely.

Now wherever those little black irritants try to go they will be bombarded with ant traps, sprays, alcohol, and cayenne pepper. They are no match for me and my psychotic anti-bug campaign.

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  1. Your home must be positively toxic by now. Good work! It's funny how a tiny little thing like ants can give you a lifelong tick in your eye.


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