Monday, March 12, 2007


Yes, yes, I know something on the site is dangerously amiss. Things keep shifting and I don't know why or how to get that sidebar up to it's rightful place again. I'm getting extremely frustrated with the whole thing. I'm also considering re-designing the site anyway so I'm mulling through that.

In other news my first official "me" day went bust. That little nasty muscus man in suspenders and plaid pants decided to visit and settle in my chest this weekend leaving me bedridden on my one day of "being able to do whatever I want." Yup. H devised this plan where one day a month I don't have to answer to anyone. No working allowed. No changing diapers or making meals, just doing whatever I want to.

What I wanted was to get the hell out of the house without anyone in tow. I wanted to train with my walking group for the Avon Walk on Sunday. Ten miles. I wanted those ten miles on a nice and sunny day knocked out and under my belt. I laid out my walking apparel and needs the night before. Afterwards I wanted to maybe go to the movies or shopping. You know without a sippy cup in my purse and no stroller to heft out of the car. I didn't want to ask anyone if they were hungry or where they wanted to go. I just wanted to think of what I wanted. Quite frankly I have kind of forgotten that and how to voice what it is I want. Weird how that happens. It's been a month since I've had a night out with the girls and who knows when since H and I had a date night. I'm in desperate need of some down time.

I had set the alarm for bright and early. The alarm went off and I couldn't even groan. No voice. I felt like I had been rundown by a passing train. A train on it's way to hell. I had to call out of training and thought, "I'll just sleep some more and then be ok for the day." Except when I awoke four hours later I was still on deaths door. I figured maybe a shower would help. Nope. Still felt like roadkill. Except roadkill that was now really exhausted from just toweling myself dry. H took T.D. to the mall. I went back to bed. I slept the afternoon away and woke up wishing I could sleep some more or that there was something besides water in the house to drink. Orange juice please? So much for my free day I thought as I started dinner and laundry while compiling a grocery list. I bitterly cried on the kitchen floor while making chili afterwards angry that my day was shot to shit.

Next month, there is always next month. Right?

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