Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Trip/I Heart My Friends

Ok, ok already the trip. I hear you people. Seriously. I've dragged it out long enough.

The trip to Los Angeles started off with this, "Excuse me, Ma'am? Is anyone sitting there?" This said by the twenty-something girl with boyfriend sutured to her side. Sigh... no one was next to me. They plopped themselves down and instantly the row reaked of pastrami and old sweat. Ick. Why? I huffed a bit and wanted to ask in a snooty voice, "Excuse me, but did you just get off a 12 hour shift from some all night Chicago deli? Do you work at D'anjelos? You smell like a D'angelo's. You stink! Both of you! Git!" Instead, I took out my tiny red leather book and started making notes. This seems to creep some people out and sure enough the old meat couple left. Aaah, a nice whole row to myself. Lovely.

The time in L.A. was fabulous. There is really nothing like seeing an old friend that you can pick up with as if you never left them. We had dinner in a foggy Santa Monica the first night at a great sushi place called Monsoon Cafe. The second day we hit the Getty Museum. The Gardens there are amazing, very zen. So check it out and get a moment of zen for youself. We saw some incredible photography exhibits as well including one solely done about Wonder Valley and Twentynine Palms, CA where I lived for two years. Odd to walk in a room and see that place. Instantly without reading a description I knew those shacks and methlabs. I could smell the desert earth and feel the hot sun. A tiny bit of longing wedged in there too. Strange. I digress though. After a few hours trolling the museum we hit Malibu for lunch on the ocean at Gladstones. It's right on the beach with an impeccable view. Too bad it was a bit chilled and we couldn't sit outdoors. No matter, I did half expect to see Jennifer Aniston walking the beach though with her dog, Norman. I took a few photos for prosperity and we headed home. E took me on a scenic drive through some canyons which I loved. All those houses sitting precariously on the mountainsides, it all feels a bit dangerously beautiful. Dinner that night was at Taxco in West Hollywood. My first time having a prix fixe Mexican meal. We headed to O-Bar for drinks later. The rest of my time in L.A. was spent in the sun exploring the Garment District and just doing girly things. It's what I miss most about my normal everyday life.

Onward to New Mexico I was immediately whisked from the airport to dinner with my friend Charlotte. We hit a cute French place where I had some incredibly divine chocolate mousse. Next up was the ballet. We took in a showing of Sleeping Beauty which was beautiful. Watching those dancers I never stop being amazed at what the human body can do. It was a great night! Eager to show me around Albuquerque, Charlotte took me to the Old Town area. I stuffed myself with even more French food at lunch. Crepes trois aux cremes. Mon Dieu! We shopped a bit, hit the Rattlesnake Museum and headed to dinner. In any place I visit I like to eat some regional fare. So umm... the green chile cheese fondue please! Throw in some spicy peel and eat shrimp and that was dinner. Oh and did I mention we hit the movies after and I had popcorn too? Eesh. No gym for two weeks and all that? My body was not loving me and I was not loving it. Someone thought I wasn't too rough looking though and Charlotte and I got hit on at the theatre by some 21 year old. Really.

Who hits on someone at the movies? His line? "Excuse me, but could you tell me what movie I'm seeing?" as he shows me his ticket stub. Riiight...I looked at him and said, "That's a credit card receipt, so no, I can't tell you. Nice try." I have to give him credit he didn't act embarrassed but instead pressed on asking us if it was 'ladies night' and could he and his friend join us in our chick flick. Hm... have to pass as I showed him my ring and said I had one of him. One who looks a lot cleaner too. After he left I tried to extract myself from my seat. I was stuck. Is my ass really that big already? No. I sat in typical movie theater scum. Gross. Everytime I sat down for the rest of the night I stuck to the chair and then made a nice sticky/suctiony sound as I got up. Lovely.

We decided to take it easy my last day and just did some mall shopping. I scored some super cute jeans that made me feel my rightful size and shoes. We did a night in at Char's house and that was that. Back home the next day.

So I'm home and already my office is strewn with envelopes that T.D. is throwing helter skelter. The word Da? is asked continuously. Translated Da? means, "what's that?", then DA?!, "TELL ME NOW MOMMY!" The ground is covered in ice, snow and more ice and it's a typical week in my house. T.D. just pulled the laundry lint out all over the floor. Got to love it.

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