Monday, February 19, 2007

Old Man Winter- Your bags are packed and ready to go

It is precisely during this week each winter that I decide, Enough is enough! I'm through with you Old Man Winter! Scram! You gots to git! Last year I was a bit preoccupied being in the throes of labor and all and was able to delay the winter doldrums by a week. I remember being home, oh about one day, and looking out the window in T.D.'s brand new room and seeing the snow, the cold gray sky and starkly black branches against the wintry landscape and feeling despair. Seasonal Affective Disorder loomed large on my horizon. The winter blues had officially set in.

In 30 degree weather I started walking. This year I come back from my sun-filled trip to snow, then slush, then ice. Then more snow. Then some more ice. Ha Ha Old Man Winter. Ha Ha. Real cute. I'm sick of cold feet and hands and piling on the blankets. Drinking cocoa and gazing out the window at the white landscape holds no charms for me. I'm sick of cocoa and hot tea. I want to sip and iced drink and not feel that my innards are freezing over. No amount of gym time or getting out of the house does the trick. I just can't shake this irritated itchy skin feeling. I do not enjoy spending two hours outside in freezing temps shoveling out my car and walkway. Nor do I enjoy trying to chip away at the 1x1 foot slice of icy mess my neighbor (Yes, the poop ones who recently got another lovely package on their front step courtesy of H.) felt compelled to leave. That's right, they couldn't find the strength apparently to shovel one more shovels-worth of snow. Now each time I walk to my mailbox I almost kill myself on that patch. I curse them daily. I stare at their house and simoultaneously try to melt that patch of ice/snow with my heated gaze. I loathe their extreme laziness in all things. Loathe it.

It does not help my wintry mood. I swear if I have to heat up the tea kettle and dash outside to dislodge my tires one more time this season I just may decide to never leave my house again. I'll just wait out Mr. OMW. That's the thing about the winter blues. It wraps it's icy grip on you and won't shake free until the first set of crocuses appear. It leaves you with a boredom induced patience to ride it out though or it you go crazy. Either or. One of those two will happen soon.

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