Monday, February 19, 2007

New Venture

Parent Bloggers Network
Some exciting news here people! I've been asked to join PBN, Parent Bloggers Network. What is PBN you ask? Quite simply it's exactly as it sounds and more. It's a diverse group of parent bloggers- male and female with different aged children who are asked by company's to review their products. I'm really happy about this whole new venture and where it could lead, as well as how it will let me further excercise my love for writing product reviews. I've already received two sets of toys for T.D. to try out and I'll be putting up my reveiw in early March here on this site as well as on PBN. You can find other interesting and fun bloggers there and some innovative and fun products. Check them out today and stay tuned!

For today click on the Baby Proofing Your Marriage clip on the sidebar. This is truly a wonderful book that has some incredibly good and insightful advice for anyone married with children.

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