Friday, February 16, 2007

Uncharted Territory

It's not some hidden secret that I'm hoping that T.D. won't turn into a Disney Princess-loving, glitter-encrusted, tutu-wearing girly girl. She doesn't have to turn into some meathead bruiser or anything. I really just want a balanced kid which is what any parent wants. Right? I'm fine if she wants to sport boy clothes and wear a tiara at the same time. Can that tiara be a skull and crossbones made of rhinestones?

Yet I just found myself doing something scary. She's about to turn one this week and the little czar saw me applying lip gloss and reached out her tiny pudgy hand asking, "Na?". Na, translates into, I want that too. NA! I want that too NOW! We're working on patience right now I promise. The kid already gets her hair combed each day and sees me applying all manner of creams, lotions, make up and God only knows what else in my morning ritual. Do I really want to Na her with the lip gloss already? I did though. I put the freakin' pina colada flavored gloss on her unchapped bottom lip. She loved it and squealed in girly glee. I might be on the verge of creating a monster. She's already way too interested in how I curl my eyelashes.

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