Monday, February 12, 2007

Home Again, Home Again

Jiggity Jig! Corny I know, but it really is so good to be home. I was so sick of hearing that same monotonous voice declaring, "Caution! Moving sidewalk ends." as I went through various airports. It's the same voice. Over and over again. Didn't help that I was sitting near it at my gate in Chicago today.

I'll do more on my trip later, all the little overheards from the airport, my take on L.A. another time around, and what Albuquerque is really like. Better than I thought I can tell you that, with the best Rattlesnake Musuem in the country I'm sure. Now I can say I've officially been there. There was something interesting I heard today while lounging at gate A11 in Midway airport. I was subjected the Maury Povich show and heard this tidbit. Apparently there is a rise in Hit Men being hired to kill people's spouses. Really. I mean I knew it was done. A rise though? Huh.

Maury goes on to state that the going rate for a kill is about $100K, which is not small change to most of us regular folk. It got me thinking though- who are these people that are running around hiring Hit men. If there's a rise is their a rapid rate of retiring hit men out there? Do they have a union? If there are so many hit men out there, how do you find them? Really, this whole thing just took up space in my travel addled brain for a good 15-20 minutes. Granted I was then boarding the plane and incredibly bored, but who are these people who have that money to throw around. How good are these hit men anyway? Maury only had botched cases which leads me to believe you could just offer money to the bagger at your local Safeway and probably be done with it. Scary.

Mountains of laundry await, as do piles of oh so scintillating junk mail. Actual trip stuff to follow.

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