Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Product of the Week!

Yes, it's a shameless plug as I do sell this stuff myself, but I have to admit I sell it only because I love it and it works! That being said, the product of the week is the ArbonneBaby line. You can buy pieces individually or in a set. As I have used T.D. with her ultra sensitive excema prone skin as my guinea pig, I know it's good stuff. Arbonne Baby producst are all natural, 100% Vegan, and have no dyes or perfumes in them. It took care of T.D.'s lizare back leaving her no longer looking like an alien baby, but instead with the rightfully smooth skin she deserves. The wash, lotion and herbal diaper cream all sell for $12.50 each, while the sunscreen in spf 30 is $19.50. I love the set ($73.50) which contains all of the above plus body oil for a soothing baby massage and a nice vat of Intelligence Rejuvenating Cream for Mom. It's a great baby shower gift or a nice introduction to the products themself. Try it you just might love it and if you don't, you get your money back!

If you're interested email me at veamason@gmail.com as I'm placing the order on Friday the 16th!

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