Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Toilet Blocks-They're All the Rage

Spending time at home with T.D. leaves me with this thought. It's no wonder there are so many momtrepenuers out there these days. Sandwich shape cutters, tagged blankets, and whatever else is now out there all came from stay at home moms. Just yesterday T.D. decided that her new favorite toy is the toilet. Yup. The toilet. Joy, those days are now upon us.

She wants to beat the seat with her hands or preferably a wooden block. It makes such a great loud sound to her. Oh and did I mention that blocks are really fun to throw in the toilet too? Yeah. Oodles. Made me think as I tried to fish the wooden blocks out of the bowl and figure out how to clean these things correctly, disposable blocks perhaps? So cute and squishy on dry land. Foam filled and fun to play with. Dissolves instantly in water. No need to fish them out of the bowl again- just flush away!

Eesh. Quite honestly though I would rather have her doing that all day long than the tantrums she now throws in the carseat. She's ready for an upgrade in her dictator car throne. The big girl carseat is all that will do. That UPS man better get here fast with that thing because I don't think I can take another day of full-volume NPR while she throws all binks, bottles, sippy cups and other objects I use to placate her around the car.

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  1. You better patent Toilet Blocks before someone else does. I think it's a moneymaker!


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